The Yoga Room Astoria

The Yoga Room Astoria


This client requested a video to be made during a class. We presented several different commercial video options to the client, and he preferred to showcase his class with a personal approach. The pre-production was a big part of the process, as we continuously interacted with the client in finalizing his script. Once the client was satisfied with the script, we spent some time in pre-production to walk him step by step through our filming process.


The commercial was filmed in 2 hours thanks to the creativevisual solutions we applied. We used an HD camera, the Canon C300 Mark II, with a lighting camera slider and tripod. The video was edited in Final Cut Pro X and delivered to the client using our online editing portal. The portal enabled the client to oversee the entire project himself. Our clients choose us because we try to save time and money by offering an efficient film process while also providing a fun filming and production environment and delivering commercials that they can approve from the very first edit.