EOS New York

EOS New York


This commercial was structured with a story-telling technique. The client wanted to advertise a new line of watches by portraying the city of New York and a powerful woman in connection with his product. We came up with the idea of realizing the concept as a short film. We presented the story through locations to the client using a storyboard format, and organized a casting call for the lead character.


The client was part of the casting process to ensure that he was happy and satisfied with our choice. After discussing atmosphere, color, rhythm and special effects with the client, he gave final approval to move forward with the production. The project was fully insured and was filmed within 2 days in multiple locations, requiring coordination of various permits. With our selected crew of film director, camera operator, lightning technician, costume and productions designer, special effects designer, story board artist and line producer, we managed to complete the project on time without any disruption.

For this commercial, we used a Sony PMW EX1 HD camera, with post-production done in Final Cut Pro 7. We had great support from our special effects team, which brought the futuristic style that our client requested. This is our favorite approach of making commercial, where we as filmmakers can fully tap into our imagination and creativity while also meeting client’s specific needs for advertising and marketing.